Fabrication of Electrospun Composite Nanofibers Containing Carbon Nanotubes for Reversible Hydrogen Storage Applications

Document Type : Original Paper


AmirKabir University of Technology


In this research, composite nanofibers containing carbon nanotubes (CNT) were prepared by using electrospinning technique and hydrogen adsorption/desorption isotherms were carried out by a Sieverts apparatus at room temperature. The SEM analysis of the nanofibers revealed that the deformation of the nanofiber increases with increasing CNT concentration. The diameter of neat nanofibers was below 200 nm and had smooth surface. The surface of the composite nanofibers was rough even by adding low quantity of CNT. The hydrogen storage results showed an improvement in the adsorption capacity with increasing the CNT content in composite nanofibers. These nanofibers were evacuated again to remove the adsorbed hydrogen at room temperature. Moreover, even though specific surface area and total pore volume were important factors for increasing the capacity of hydrogen adsorption. Finally, maximum adsorption capacity was 0.29 wt % in case of nanofibers with 10 wt % CNT under 30 bar at 298 K.